• Feb 1st

    Vanchetna kendra at Dakor

    Jovial Architects, Ar.Jolly Nayak is the project Architect for this project.

    I am really emotionally touched with this project I am really happy to get great opportunity from gujarat government to design the Krishna Van at vanchetna kendra at Dakor.

    Concept for this project is to make a peaceful and religious van for this project many of intresting van designs with good architectural elements which related to lord krishna.

    Dakor, in its earlier phases as pilgrimage center in Gujarat, was famous for the Danknath temple, a place of shiva worship. In the later phases it developed into a Vaishnavite center with the growing fame of Ranchhodraiji [form of Lord Shri Krishna] temple, which was built in 1772 A.D. Today this place is known not only as a pilgrimage center but also a trading center where one can get the articles related to puja, and other rituals. Recently, Dakor is included in one of the six major pilgrimage places under "Yatradham Vikas Board" by Government of Gujarat for development as a well-planned and well-organised pilgrimage place to facilitate the lacs and lacs of visiting pilgrims. More than 70–80 lacs of pilgrims visit the place every year and a continuous increase is witnessed every year

  • Nov 1st

    Arogya van at Dahod

    Jovial Architects, Ar.jolly Nayak is the project Architect for this project. I am really happy to get opportunity to design the 'Arogya Van '.

    This project is really interesting project . concept for this project to connect the people with Nature and make life more easy and safe withe the natural medicines.

    In a unique initiative to prevent some of the endangered species of medicinal plants in the state from being extinct Forest Department is in the process to develop, ‘Arogya van’ (medicinal forest) in Dahod.

    Plantation of indigenous and naturalised species has been taken up in ‘Arogya van’ in the forest divisions. 15 hectares of land would be put under cultivation in forest division area .